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From Martin Decker <>
Subject tomcat context problem (php+apache+tomcat)
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 21:22:43 GMT

I have an apache 1.3.12 with php 3.0.15, php2.0.1 and tomcat 3.1beta.
I installed it like in the howto-file, but encountered the following problems:

1) In httpd.conf of apache, do I have to include tomcat.conf or 
tomcat-apache.conf ??
I want to use tomcat for jsp-only, other pages, such as static, php2 or 
php3 should
be executed by apache.

2) I have a problem setting up a context and could not find the appropriate 
neither in the manual, nor in the howto. The section about "contexts" in 
the manual
is too hard to follow, as is the howto.

I would greatly appreciate any help on the context problem:

I want to set up tomcat to execute every file with .jsp, independent of 
where the file is stored.

How can I do that?

3) How can I set a virtualhost in the httpd.conf and set the documentroot 
to a site containing a jsp project?

Thanks a lot,

Martin Decker
Martin Decker,
Telekommunikationstechnik und -systeme
Fachhochschule Salzburg
Jakob-Haringer-Str. 1a/II/12
Tel. 0664 5775697

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