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From Sergey Sushkov <>
Subject URL encoded sessions
Date Sun, 16 Apr 2000 09:31:01 GMT

A while ago I have implemented a session trackig by using only URL
encoded sessions (That was a requirement). As long as I used
internal mini-script library for creating output - I have made Apache
rewrite rule like this:

RewriteRule ^/__([^/]+)/(.*)  /servlet/Handler?JServSessionId=$1 [PT,QSA]

what gaved me an ability to specify session ID directly in request URI:


The main advantage of this technique is that I need session ID only once:
when creating a session, every next request is mage with relative URL,
and there is no need to encode EVERY link URL.

As you can see I used JServ for that. As long as Tomcat is a successor of
JServ, and above all it gives connectors to Netscape and IIS, I would like
to implement URL-only session tracking (similar to above) with Tomcat.

To stay independent from WEB server I cannot use Apache mod_rewrite
anymore. The idea to write own session tracking is a bit odd.

To be more detailed:
Servlet 'Handler'  handles file types '*.abc'

I have possibility to encode url and session id like this:

Is it possible to come from URI like this;
to the one Tomcat supports?

Maybe I am totally wrong with an approach, but it seems to be the only
way not to encode every link URL.

Any ideas?


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