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From Rogério Meneguelli Gatto <>
Subject Re: Tomcat as service on Win NT4 again; jsrvany
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2000 12:19:52 GMT
Hello, Viehl,

A tip: use "REGEDT32.EXE", *don't* use "REGEDIT.EXE".  The value's type should
be REG_MULTI_SZ.  Essential values are:

"Parameters/JVMOptions" (Type REG_MULTI_SZ):
-config [lINE BREAK HERE]

"Parameters/classArgs" (Type REG_MULTI_SZ):
-Dtomcat.home=... [LINE BREAK HERE]

"Parameters/className" (Type REG_SZ):

Pay special atention to your CLASSPATH.  It should include JSRVAny classes,
Tomcat classes, tools.jar from your JDK if it's Java2 (and it must be, for
JSRVAny to work), and your own system-wide classes.  And don't forget to
configure your PATH to include your JVM dll.  In my case, I included
"$JAVA_HOME/jre/bin" and "$JAVA_HOME/jre/bin/hotspot".  Please substitute
"$JAVA_HOME" by your Java2 instalation dir.


Viehl Clemens wrote:
> Hello,
> unfortunately i need to reopen this topic again.
> I have tried several times to get Tomcat 3.1 run as service with jsrvany.
> I like the way jsrvany should work, but i had no luck. I know there are
> other solutions out there. But could someone provide me an foolproof,
> step-by-step guide how to solve this task?
> Damian (the developer of jsrvany) has send me very good descriptions how to
> install services with jsrvany. But i still couldn't get it to work :(
> (Perhaps it's only me.)
> Peoples out there who solved this task, please give some me advise.
> Will Tomcat bring a solution for this in future versions?
> Regards
> Clemens Viehl
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