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From Christian Wenz <>
Subject Re: Unable to execute jsp's when application placed under apache
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2000 05:43:08 GMT

tomcat.bat seems to mount jakarta-tomcat\webapps\examples to /examples. Try
http://yourserver/examples/jsp/, there are some examples, at least this worked
at my system (even under Win95 ;-) ). Another possible solution is that you did
not un-comment the line LoadModule jserv_module modules\ApacheModuleJServ.dll
in the tomcat.conf (maybe including the auto-generated tomcat-apache.conf


Rishi N wrote:

> Hi,
> i've just downloaded apache 1.3.12, tomcat3.1 for NT. i'm trying to set up
> my application under the apache htdocs directory. i was able to get this
> configuration to work some time ago(using tomcat3.0, apache 1.3.11 on NT).
> At that time, all i had done was the following:
> 1. move all my application files under htdocs/myapp
> 2. edit server.xml to add context '/servlet' pointing to 'htdocs/myapp'
> 3. mount '/servlet' to '/root'
> 4. set DocumentRoot and Directory in 'httpd.conf' to 'htdocs/myapp'
> 5. include 'tomcat.conf' in httpd.conf
> i've done all these things now, and it doesn't work. none of the jsp's or
> servlets are compiled or run. the browser just sits there for a while, and
> then returns a 'page is empty' or similar error. if  i use the tomcat
> port(8080), everything works fine. the problem is just that apache does not
> know that servlet and jsp requests need to be passed to tomcat. i can't see
> what i'm missing out here. i'm sure i'm making some really stupid
> configuration error, but i've been at it for a couple of hours now, and at
> the end of my wits. any help will be appreciated!

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