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Subject Re: The plans are to cut a final release of 3.1 this week...
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 15:51:49 GMT

On 4 Apr 00, at 11:21, wrote:

> If anyone knows of any issues that they feel absolutely must be resolved
> before release, please speak now or forever hold your peace!

This is bug #114 speaking. :-)

Seriously, if what I think is true (as reported in bug 114), there is a 
major discrepancy between the 1.1 specs and how tomcat 3.1 
implements them, in the creation of objects from withing a custom 
tag. If the bug I have reported is confirmed as a bug, it would be a 
problem to use this tomcat release for creating taglibs as per the 
specs -- the inability to see objects created by taglibs (other than 
those defined with a NESTED scope) means that you can't create 
your own "special objects" (eg. for storing special return values or 
similar). If I'm wrong feel free to correct me. I have attached a 
zipped testcase with the bug, btw.


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