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From Clay Luther <>
Subject Re: Developing Tomcat WebApps with (which) IDE?
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 20:46:36 GMT
James Cook wrote:
> I may be able to help you with JBuilder integration. I have used Tomcat in
> JBuilder. I am able to compile, run, and *debug* servlets in this
> environment. Tomcat is a little different than prior "servlet runners"
> included in previous Servlet development kits. It's heavier since it relies
> on addition configuration files to run.
> What problems did you experience?

Well, configuring Tomcat for JBuilder was somewhat of a hassle, and,
despite following the instructions on the JBuilder support groups, I
really couldn't get it to work for me (I *am* waiting on a reply from
their support on it).  I've quoted the major problem I had with
Tomcat+JBE below:

Currently, I have tomcat installed on my workstation at
/usr/local/jakarta/tomcat.  I have the tomcat server already running. 
However, for development, I created my own copy of the tomcat dist in

Following your directions, I made a "tomcat" project, created a Tomcat
3.1 library which pointed to the jars in ~/tomcat/lib, and modified the
execute configuration of the project to use
org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat as the entry point, with the VM
parameter of -Dtomcat.home=/users/claycle/tomcat.

I had two problems immediately.  The first was that despite the fact
that tomcat.home=/users/claycle/tomcat, tomcat reported several
file/directory errors.

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