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From Clay Luther <>
Subject Developing Tomcat WebApps with (which) IDE?
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 19:47:03 GMT

I have been developing some tomcat-based webapps the old fashioned way
for a test project, but now I must evaluate two Java IDEs to deploy into
our environment.  I've been using JBuilder 3.5 Enterprise and Forte. 
I've found that developing JBuilder-based servlet/jsp webapps and trying
to deploy them to Tomcat is somewhat difficult, so I've moved on to
Forte to see if it works mo-better.

If anyone has had any experience developing for Tomcat (3.1beta) with
Forte, would you please describe your experience?  How easy was it to
deploy from Forte to Tomcat in production, for example?  Did you break
down and use ant at some point?  How does Forte handle the web.xml file?

Private email is fine.



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