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From Harish <>
Subject Re: ClassLoader problems - might be a bug
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2000 10:55:33 GMT

> Tomcat class loader ( AdaptiveCL) is used to load web applications only.

I am not sure which classloader it is.( AdaptiveCL or NWCL or someother
CL). I was talking of the classloader Tomcat uses to load any class in
general. I think Tomcat doesn't directly use the System class loader to
load classes. In case Tomcat's own class loader can't load a class, it
must be passing the job on to the System class loader. Is it not so?
 I think Tomcat fails in doing that. I'm not VERY SURE if it is exactly
so. wanted to check with you. Right now i have my own classloader
loading it. If you can tell me which class Tomcat uses to load classes(
not webapps)  before it starts off with the servlet-serving stuff it
does, I'll check it out.

> Interceptors are part of tomcat - if you place them in a webapp you can't load
> them.
> ( since they are loaded before web apps are loaded, and web apps may reload,
> be unloaded, etc)

I wasn't even trying to load an Interceptor. What i meant was i was
trying to load the class(which i was referring to) inside the code of an

> Costin
> Harish wrote:
> > Tomcat class loader(NetworkClassLoader or AdaptiveClassLoader ), doesn't
> > load some of the classes i try loading, it just throws a
> > ClassNotFoundException. Also, it doesn't let the system class loader do
> > it. I think that this is the case because, i can see the class present
> > in the classpath tomcat uses, but still i get the classnotfoundex. I
> > tried this loading inside a class extending BaseInterceptor. Could it be
> > a bug or am i bugging? :)
> >
> > cheers,
> > harish
> >
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