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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Question: role of Tomcat home ?
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2000 16:47:55 GMT
> Now I see. Sorry for not reading the comments in server.xml thoroughly. I
> still think server.dtd should be updated, because it's way out of date. I
> can try to do it if I find time, but I am not promising.

We should probably remove server.dtd to avoid confusion, and then wait 2-3
releases to see how server.xml will look like. There are many other things we
need to add, and the current format received very little feedback - so it's
hard to assume it's "right".

In general, I think it's important to standardize ( on a specific DTD )
_after_ you have enough experience and you can justify the decisions you take
- and maybe you have at least some alternative considered and discussed.

server.xml is even more difficult - the point of XML is to allow exchange of
information - there are configs common to all servers, like mappings, virtual
( called "web applications" in servlet-land), etc.

> So the <contextManager> home is what really must exist - that's what
> DefaultCMSetter is checking.

Right now I think we are checking for tomcat.home - which is the install

> This leads me to another question: what's the difference between "default"
> web.xml and "customized" web.xml then ? Does one take precedence over the
> other ? Or aer both of them merged with the web app's web.xml.

The implementation is:
- if home!=tomcat.home - you are running tomcat outside the install directory,
you have a "local" configuration. If  home/conf/web.xml is found, read it,
otherwise read the web.xml from the tomcat install directory.
- If the application has a web.xml, read it. It will override most of the
default settings.

In conf/web.xml ( or your local conf/web.xml ) you can specify what JSP engine
do you want to use and with what params,  etc.

> The thing that worries me about using "defaults" is that your application
> then may behave differently on another servlet 2.2-compliant server. Of
> course, there is some server-specific information such as the JSPServlet,
> but things like MIME types are application-specific rather than
> server-specific and I believe these should be present in every web
> application's DD to ensure full cross-server portability. So I think that
> the only information in the default DD should be what is really
> server-specific.

It's a specification problem. I agree with you - but I can't do anything,
I have to implement whatever is specified.
Send feedback to the spec.


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