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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Re: Introduction document needed.
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 21:28:25 GMT wrote:

> Hi,
> After some struggle, I got Tomcat 3.1Beta setup on my RH6.1
> I was all anxious to see some default servlet/jsp page displayed the same way you see
apache server initial setup page.
> But all my examples, test etc. directory are empty. I can only get default display when
I do "" or ""
> My /examples directory only contains META-INF which is empty, I only see "WEB-INF" in
documents. Are they the same?
> I also want to get some "hello world" kind of tutorial to set up my first servlet/jsp
program on the server.
> I search high and low across the sites and /doc directory of tomcat with no result.
> It seems I have to read all the documents to become an expert in servlet before I can
write my own "hello world" program. But isn't it the norm to show people how to "hello world"
for any new software these days?
> I would really appreciate if somebody can share with me what I should do to get that
"hello world" servlet set up or point me to some useful introduction document.
> Thanks in advance.
> Steve.

Try downloading the most recent nightly build of Tomcat from:

and look at the Application Developer's Guide in directory "tomcat/doc/appdev".  It discusses
at length how to set up your own web application, and includes a sample app as a starting
point.  This document will be
included in the final 3.1 release as well.

Craig McClanahan

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