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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Request Interceptor
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 16:20:28 GMT
About 2 - we wrote the interface first, with all events that we expected, then implemented
as much as
possible ( based on our code requirement ). Few methods are not tested, few not implemented.

If you need a certain callback you can ask for it ( submit a bug - it will probably be fixed
in the
next release ) or you can fix it yourself and send a patch.

Be carefull - RequestIntercepor is a new interface. It is the main mechanism to extend tomcat,
it's new and we had little feedback on it. Try to use the servlet API for applications, and
RequestInterceptors only for tomcat extensions and development
( you want your applications to be portable )

For 1 - the interceptor is called for all requests handled by tomcat. If you run tomcat+apache/iis/nes
- no interceptor will be called ( right now - for JNI adapter I want to add this feature,
and have
interceptors act as regular  Apache modules, IIS filters, NES SAFs).

You can check if the wrapper is set to DefaultServlet - then it's a regular file, otherwise
if it's
Invoker or a normal servlet - it's a servlet, or if it's jspservlet or
a ServletWrapper with path!=null it's a jsp.


> 1. The request interceptor function are being called for all the files( even images and
html ). I
> had thought the function will only be called for Servlets and JSP requests.
>     If i get the writer and print some text so that it is displayed ( this text get displayed
> accessing a JSP page but not when accessing a servlet ), and the text is printed at the
bottom not
> on top of the screen.
> 2. the afterbody function is not implemented
> Suresh
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