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From Damian Fauth <>
Subject RE: How to auto start tomcat on boot of NT
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 15:39:49 GMT
you might want to have a look at jsrvany:


Autoexec.bat isn't used by NT - it's just maintained for backward
Normally you want to run background processes on NT as services.
Tomcat doesn't run as a service - (I'm not sure if there are plans to do
this in the future - it would be nice) but there is a tool you can use
in the NT4 resource kit to allow you to run any program as a service -
I'm not sure how well this would work with tomcat as I've never tried it
- I suspect it won't work too well.....
If you look through the tomcat.bat file you'll probably have to hardcode
the envronmental variables and call tomcat straight from the java
executable instead of using a batch file/

The utility is called SRVANY.
Good luck !

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     From: Joel Hughes []
     Sent: 03 April 2000 12:03
     To: Tomcat-User (E-mail)
     Subject: How to auto start tomcat on boot of NT

     Where does one place calls to start tomcat during boot of a NT
     I've tried autoexec.bat but this did not appear to work.  Since
this will be running on a server, placing the bat in a
     'startup' folder is not an option, as no one will be logged in.
     Joel Hughes

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