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From "K.N.Rajeswari" <>
Subject Configuration problem
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 13:29:26 GMT
Hi  All,
         I have an application running with Apache 1.3.6 ,Jserv 1.0 &
JSSI  on windows 95.I would like to move into Apache1.3.6 & tomcat 3.0
,  instead of Apache & Jserv.

      I have done the following changes.

    1. I have included the tomcat.conf's path in httpd.conf file
    2. I have replaced the old ApacheModuleJserv.dlll with new
    3.Apjservprotocol is changed from ajpv11 to ajpv12

  ofcourse tomcat & apache are running under different ports.The server
name was defined in the earlier conf file itself

  When I start the server the apache window comes up & then within a
second ,it   disappears.

  I have placed the tomcat directory under apache's directory.

  Am I leaving any of the steps ?.Is it possible to have Apache ,Jserv &
tomcat in a single application?

  Please help me with the information,

  Rajeswari K.N.

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