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From "Philippe Van Der Gucht" <>
Subject Re: How to auto start tomcat on boot of NT
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 07:18:05 GMT

"Bond - James D." wrote:

<grin> :)

> > >  Where does one place calls to start tomcat during boot of a NT machine? I've

> > Start it as a service. Use the INSTSRV (IIRC) command.
> You can always just make a batch (.bat) file that calls it and place it in
> c:\winnt\profiles\all users\start menu\startup ....... that way every time
> the machine boots up it'll run it?  That's what I had to do for Resin for
> a while .........

Fair enough but what about shutting it automatically down? 
(if that's really necessary...?)

Greetings, Philippe.

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