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From Juan Alvarez Ferrando <>
Subject Re: Passing parameters to a bean from a JSP
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 16:43:59 GMT
Your FORM parameters and INPUT fileds are sent to your JSP in the same
way that they are to a Servlet (after all your JSP are compiled into
Servlets by the server). There's a HttpServletRequest object named
'request' accesible in your JSP code through which you can extract the
values of every parameter and INPUT field of the FORM submitted by the
user. Check the Java API for the HttpServletRequest class.

Jerry Thomas wrote:
> How do I extract data from a FORM and assign the data to a Java variable
> that I have declared on my JSP?
> > >
> > > I have data contained in a JavaScript variable that would like to pass
> >to a
> > > method on my Java bean. I have been successful retrieving data from my
> >bean
> > > into my JSP but I cannot figure out how to format the script so that I
> >can
> > > send data back to my bean through its methods.
> >You can pass parameters as FORM hidden fields that can be extracted from
> >a
> >servlet and finally passed through to the Bean. This is independent from
> >the cookie policy set at the browser.
> >
> >Juan Alvarez Ferrando
> >
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