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From "Alexey V. Meledin" <>
Subject Special question about template procesing
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 10:49:59 GMT

 Our developers group are in process of search in for technological
 risks in using tomcat, java, servlets and jsp before starting our new

 The problem is how to process html templates to bring us a reusable
 and universal package codes that will be fast enough.

 PS: We are new to java, tomcat, jsp, servlets so many questions may
 be a bit stupid. Terminology may be not correct either. sorry.

 Template processing sheme we see (for example we choose "summary news

 1. Summary news structure:
 --- html header ---
 --- template for one news ---
 --- template for one news ---
 --- template for one news ---
 --- html footer ---

 2. We make the suggestion that the better way to proces this
 structure will be to have:

 2.1. servlet (name: snews), that performs all connections to RDBMS
 2.2. common summare news template, writed in jsp (name:
 2.3. template for one news (sumnews.jsp)

 The process:
 1. snews: handles exeption "start_sumnews_processing"
 2. snews: calling comnewssum.jsp
 3. comnewssum.jsp: displays:
  --- html header ---
 4. comnewssum.jsp: throws exeption: "start_sumnews_processing"
 5. snews: on exeption "start_sumnews_processing" opens CURSOR
 6. snews: in a loop:
 6.1. snews:fetches one summary news
 6.2. snews:calling sumnews.jsp with params
 6.3. sumnews.jsp: displays HTML for one news
 6.4. snews: continues loop
 7. snews: end of "start_sumnews_processing" exeption proccessing
 8. comnewssum.jsp: continues interrupted html output.

 Main questions:
  1. Will this sheme work with jdk1.1.8, tomcat 3.1. beta?,, freebsd 3.3?

  2. Is there any more optimal, more easy and more fast way?
  PS: xml or other template proccessing seeming slow in this case...
  Or not?

  Great thanks!

Alexey V. Meledin <>
> InterForge Developers Group,  St-Petersburg, Russia
> > > > > > "InterForge to Forge Ahead" > > > > > > >

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