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From Eric Hamilton <>
Subject Re: jsp:forward with URI's beginning with '/'
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 20:53:59 GMT
At 11:28 AM 4/13/00 -0700, Hans Bergsten wrote:
>Craig McClanahan wrote:
>> If the original request was a GET, it only passes the parameters you
>> on the URL you are redirecting to.  If the original request was a POST, the
>> browser is supposed to reforward the original parameters.
>I have seen you say this twice now (in different mailing lists). Is it really
>true that a redirect of a POST is supposed to be redirected as a new POST
>request by the browser? From my experience, it seems as if I redirect a POST 
>request, the browser makes a GET request for the new Location (loosing all

The HTTP spec prohibits the browser from rePOSTing to a redirected URL
unless the user is allowed to confirm the resend.  The behavior Hans
observes, in which the browser quietly turns a redirected POST into a GET
is the correct behavior when a 303 status is received, and is the common
but incorrect behavior of many browsers when a 30[12] status is received.

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