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Subject RE: Solaris Problem
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2000 11:12:32 GMT
I\'m currently using Apache 1.3.12 + Tomcat 3.1 on 
Solaris 7 x86 with jdk1.2.1_03. Don\'t know what is the 
reason of your problem, but when I was trying to use 
jdk1.2.2_05 it seemed to be quite unstable - Tomcat 3.0 
worked, but it failed because of \"segmentation 
violation\" every time when it was sending an email 
(when calling SocketOutputStream.flush() i think). So: 
if you are on Intel, consider using jdk1.2.1_03. It 
might help I hope.

> This is in response to the email about problems on 
Solaris. I also can not
> get Tomcat to work on Solaris. I\'m using Solaris 8 
with jdk1.2.2_05. What
> happens is that when a request is made and the jsp 
engine begins to create
> the .java file, it somehow gets stuck in an infinite 
loop and just
> continually writes out the same thing over and over 
again. I suspect this
> is what is happening to you. From the client side it 
appears to hang, but
> if you go into Tomcat\'s work directory you can watch 
the .java file get
> incredibly huge. Mine gets to about 35 MB in 10 
seconds or so. It just
> keeps growing until I stop Tomcat. I posted this here 
and to the dev list a
> while back, when 3.1 was still in beta, but there was 
no response. I notice
> also that there is now a bug for this on the bug list.
> I would like to know if anyone out there is 
successfully using Tomcat with
> Solaris and if so what version of Solaris and what 
jdk version.
> Elijah Roberts
> Java Consultant
> 606-816-1186
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