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From "Chiming Huang" <>
Subject Tomcat for OpenVMS
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 14:02:34 GMT

Is there a port of Tomcat for OpenVMS?
I've Apache 1.3.9 and Jserv 1.1 beta 3 for OpenVMS(v7.2-1) installed.  And 
I've downloaded the binary version of Tomcat 3.1.  Unzip it, setup 
tomcat_home, jav_home and included the tomcat-apache.conf into the 
httpd.conf as described in the user's guide.  The Jserv module is still the 
one "Jserv 1.1 beta 3".

It works fine when I connect directly through HTTP to port 8080.  I can run 
all the test JSP. and Servlets but not through the Apache.


1.  Can the old Jserv work with Tomcat?  Or I need to update the Jserv 
adaptor in order to pass requests to Tomcat?

2.  If the old Jserv can't work with Tomcat, why?  They all talk ajp12, 
don't they?

3.  If I need to re-compile the Jserv myself on VMS, is there a document 
that can help me to get into it?

4.  In Tomcat, is the "context" the same as "zone" in Jserv?

5.  Please advise any approaches to make Tomcat work on OpenVMS.


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