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From "Sheldon Wosnick" <>
Subject Apache Tomcat 3.1 Servlet and JSP Development with VisualAge for Java (update)
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2000 00:42:22 GMT
For those Tomcat users on this list who might be interested, I posted an 
update to my paper on developing servlets and JSP with Tomcat and VisualAge 
for Java.

I put this update on my tripod site to keep it separate from my "official" 
work with Tomcat and VA/Java at IBM. I got tons of email from users who were 
having a lot of success with VA/Java and Tomcat 3.0 but were stumped with 
3.1 RC 1 because much of the tutorial didn't work anymore -- directory 
structure was different, all that stuff.

The original article, based on Tomcat 3.0, entititled:
"Apache Tomcat Servlet and JavaServer Pages Development with VisualAge for 

is still available at IBM's DeveloperWorks/VisualAge Developer Domain at:

This is useful to understand how the environment is well suited to servlet 
and JSP development from the Java developer's point of view.

The new, casually written "update" for Tomcat 3.1 final release,

"Apache Tomcat 3.1 Final Release Servlet and JSP Development with VisualAge 
for Java (update") is currently available at:

I hope this update is useful to the users on this list.


Sheldon Bradley Wosnick
Software Developer, IBM VisualAge for Java
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