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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: request.isUserInRole("working")?
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 16:53:54 GMT

>1)  Can you point me to which code I might debug in order to determine why my
>browser gives "wrong user/password" error in the Tomcat DOS window when I use
>any of the
>correct logins?
>2)  When I switch to <auth-method>EXPERIMENTAL_FORM Netscape still displays a
>"Username and
>Password Required" dialog for user info entry, not the login.jsp.  I can tell
>it's using the
>right auth-method because the dialog says "Enter username for Example
>Authentication Area at sea05079:"  In IE I get the same behavior as before with

This sounds like you're still using an older version of Tomcat -- the switch to
EXPERIMENTAL_FORM was very recent, and it sounds like your version isn't
recognizing this.  One thing that has caught me a couple of times:  if you
have TOMCAT_HOME defined and pointing at an old version, the old version will
be run even if you're in the distribution directory of the new version.

Note 1:  BASIC authentication was broken in older versions of Tomcat as well.
You've got to have at least the 3.1rc1 candidate to have a chance of this

Note 2:  the 3.1rc1 release still has the bug related to not supporting BASIC
authentication on IE.  I checked in a patch last night that should make it
work correctly.

>Should I be using bugzilla at this point?

Once you have identified something that doesn't work (preferably with a
repeatable test case or just "here's what I did to cause the problem with
the out-of-the-box distribution", then that's definitely the thing to do.


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