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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: Tomcat newbie help
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 02:29:04 GMT

>I want to create a servlet server environment that is JSDK 2.1
>compliant. The only reason I really need 2.1 is for the
>ServletContext::getResource() and getResourceAsStream()
>methods. It is confusing if JServ supports 2.1 now. All the
>doc's seem to refer to JServ 1.0 which is clearly a JSDK 2.0
>implementation and the is no mention if JServ 1.1 was upgraded
>to 2.1. What are the pros/cons to go with Tomcat as opposed
>to JServ. Is it a production level project yet ?

There is no mention of upgraded support because it's not there -- Apache Jserv
1.1 is still based on the 2.0 servlet API, so it lacks the calls you
referred to above.

Tomcat 3.1 has lots of bug fixes, versus 3.0.  Knowing whether it is "production
ready" or not will depend on people testing it, and then reporting any bugs or
performance issues that they find.

>I did read the FAQ but it did not seem to cover this subject.
>John Gentilin

Craig McClanahan

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