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From Tassos Mavroudeas <>
Subject jar includes in classpacth
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 17:26:06 GMT
  I have just installed jakarta-tomcat and I have some questions.

1.The JSP examples fail to run (while the Servlet Examples run). Each time I
try to execute a JSP example, the window in which jakarta-tomcat runs logs a
java excheption:
java.lang.noclassdeffound : sun/tools/javac/Main
  The way I get it, it seems that I do not include some jar files in the
CLASSPATH. But I do not seem to find which jar file it is, any help???

2.I can not find a way to run the tests... if I direct the browser to
lovcalhost:8080/test I get a srceen that says that there is another way to run
the tests, but it does not say which is this other way.

My Configuration is as follows:
Win NT 4 sp6
Tomcat 3.1 (
JDK 1.2.2 (from sun)
No Apache installed

Thanks in advance

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