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From Peder Pedersen <>
Subject Re: Request Interceptor
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 07:52:00 GMT
Hi Suresh,

- don't know about 1., but as for 2. I couldn't get afterbody to be 
called either. It would be nice to know if a fix has been planned, 
since we are relying on interceptors for our front component.

Best regards,
 - Peder

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original Message

On 4/3/00, 6:22:44 PM, Suresh <> wrote regarding 
Request Interceptor:

> Hi all,

> I was trying to write a request interceptor which will print out a 
header and footer messages to
> each servlet/jsp file that will be processed. I got into some problems 
and would like to make sure
> if they are valid or not.

> 1. The request interceptor function are being called for all the 
files( even images and html ). I
> had thought the function will only be called for Servlets and JSP 
>     If i get the writer and print some text so that it is displayed ( 
this text get displayed when
> accessing a JSP page but not when accessing a servlet ), and the text 
is printed at the bottom not
> on top of the screen.

> 2. the afterbody function is not implemented

> Suresh

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