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From Petr Jiricka <>
Subject RE: Developing Tomcat WebApps with (which) IDE?
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 11:48:27 GMT
> If anyone has had any experience developing for Tomcat (3.1beta) with
> Forte, would you please describe your experience?  How easy was it to
> deploy from Forte to Tomcat in production, for example?  Did you break
> down and use ant at some point?  How does Forte handle the 
> web.xml file?

The current release of Forte (version 1.0) uses Sun JSWDK as its servlet/JSP
engine. So if you are developing JSP 1.0-compliant pages only, it will help.
Right now it does not handle web.xml in any way, and uses the old
.properties way. I would say it helps a lot in editing and checking syntax,
and maybe testing, but for the other steps you might need to use Tonmcat
running paralelly with the IDE.

Forte 1.1 (we should have a beta by JavaOne) will support Tomcat, servlet
2.2 and JSP 1.1 directly, including all the associated features such as
web.xml and tag library descriptors.


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