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From "" <>
Subject next step ?
Date Sun, 16 Apr 2000 00:11:51 GMT
I've successfully installed apache1.3.12 and tomcat3.1 (I believe because the examples test
pages (jsp & servlets) have worked). Ant is also installed (and really cool), as it has
built my java applications and placed all files under the webapps dir of /usr/local/tomcat.

I'm a little confused on the context mappings and am just asking for a little guidance because
all of the docs I've read so far are short and configured differently. I believe what I've
got setup so far is correct, except, when I access the web server, the page goes to where
my DocumentRoot vars point to. I think I've got to work on the server.xml file?

How do I override that and make it point to /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/myProj w/o having to
put in anything extra in the url (i.e. like the examples dir here at the end http://myMachine/examples),
I would just like http://myMachine ... I'm sure getting my servlets working is also going
to be a prob afterwards (nothing ever goes smoothly), so do I need to do anything extra for
those? And how are .war files made?

Also, since apache is a much more robust server than tomcat, how do I make apache do all the
work and just use tomcat to serve my jsp's and servlets?



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