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From "Steven Punte" <>
Subject Interactive Pages: Was passing parameters to a bean
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2000 21:47:38 GMT
I've been following the "Passing parameters to a bean with JSP" 
thread with fascination.  I think I basically have the same issue, but
can more easily be put fourth as the following example:

Browser                                            Server

        <--------------------------------------  Send Page

User Enters zip code  -------------------->>>

        <--------------------------------------  Send City and State

The desire behavior is to have city and state automatically
filled in once the zip code has been specified.

As I see it, there are several approaches:

1)    Re-send a complete new page once zip code
        has been entered.  Drawback: significant 
        information is being send a second time.

2)    Send mapping of zip -> { City, State} in original
        web page as JavaScript Arrays.  Drawback: 
        not scalable to situation were database is very
        very large.

3)     Use Applet instead of form.  Drawback:  loose
         thin-client simplicity and robustness.  Also applets
         and HTML have little interactivity.
4)    "Pushlets" as defined in
        I could use another opinion here, but this certainly doesn't
        feel like an elegant robust solution.

In summary, I too am looking for a better solution.  It would 
really be nice if:

A)    Can JavaScript itself open socket communication 
        back to the server?

B)     Could JavaScript communicate to a non-visual applet
         that communicates back to the server?  Boy, this
         sounds complicated again.

C)     Could some custom plug-in be a big help here?

STeve Punte

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