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From "Phil Welch" <>
Subject jspSmart Installation Question
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2000 17:01:16 GMT

Has anyone successfully installed jspSmart's jspSmartUpload?  I've followed the below jspSmart
installation instructions thusfar to no avail.  My "interpretation" of tomcat and jspSmart
is that I "do not" need to do anything with web.xml given that everything is housed under
existing directories (?).  All of the examples and admin have been working just fine since
my initial installation.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  Stop your webserver

  Copy the
  /Temp/jspsmartupload/Web-inf/classes/com/jspsmart folder
  to the
  /examples/Web-inf/classes/com directory on your webserver.

  I took this to mean to create a com directory within the classes directory, and copy the
jspsmart directory into it such that the directory is /examples/WEB-INF/classes/com/jspsmart.

  Copy the
  /Temp/jspsmartupload/jsp/jspsmartupload folder
  to the
  /examples/jsp directory on your webserver (this directory should be defined as a virtual

  Same thing here.  I copied the jspsmartupload directory to the /examples/jsp directory resulting
in /examples/jsp/jspsmartupload.

  To use sample4 and sample7 you need an available database, if necessary defined a JDBC or
JDBC-ODBC bridge.
  Start your webserver.

  Using your browser, enter the following addresses :

Best Regards,

Phil Welch

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