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From "jeff hoffman" <>
Subject How to run Tomcat on an IP address
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 04:13:26 GMT
Hi all,

    So far, so good until today. I have a need to run two seperate Tomcat
instances (both 3.1release) on two different IP addresses on the same
machine. If my ip addresses are say: and and I want to run
two Tomcats, with each listening on port 8007 but of the two different ip
addresses, how can I do that?

I've tried the following lines in the configs and had no luck at all...

# Set the default IP address or hostname Apache JServ binds (or listens) to.
# If you have a machine with multiple IP addresses, this address
# will be the one used. If you set the value to localhost, it
# will be resolved to the IP address configured for the locahost
# on your system (generally this is This feature is so
# that one can have multiple instances of Apache JServ listening on
# the same port number, but different IP addresses on the same machine.
# Use bindaddress=* only if you know exactly what you are doing here,
# as it could let JServ wide open to the internet.
# You must understand that JServ has to answer only to Apache, and should
# be reachable by nobody but mod_jserv. So localhost is usually a
# good option. The second best choice would be an internal network address
# (protected by a firewall) if JServ is running on another machine than
# Ask your network admin.
# "*" _may_ be used on boxes where some of the clients get connected using
# "localhost"and others using another IP addr.
# Syntax: bindaddress=[ipaddress] or [localhost] or [*]
# Default: localhost

# Set the port Apache JServ listens to.
# Syntax: port=[1024,65535] (int)
# Default: 8007

Basically after specifying a hostname or ip address in here, netstat -a
shows that there is something TCP bound to *:8007 rather than the individual
ip addresses.

Also, I'm wondering if there is an option in Tomcat similar to the -f
<configfile> option that you can start apache with? I'm stumped at this
point. Thanks in advance for any info.

-jeff hoffman

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