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From "Dorwin T. Shields, Jr." <>
Subject apache+ssl+tomcat
Date Sun, 02 Apr 2000 22:38:06 GMT
Hi, all
   I'm thinking about moving from iPlanet 4.1 to
apache+ssl+tomcat on a sparc running solaris.
I don't intend on using many
fancy features for the moment...just basic .war files, very
little jsp.  Is this combo stable?  I'll be setting up some
access control in apache and tying the whole thing together.
I'm pretty new to apache.  I've set up apache with J-serv on
my home linux box, but that's about it.  My servlets are
pretty cpu and I/O intensive.  

I also thought about buying apache from a third party with
ssl built in...but I wondered how difficult it would be to
add Tomcat or if anyone was selling the latest apache.

Thanks for your advice,


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