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Subject Using both JServ and Tomcat with the same Apache Installation
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2000 02:28:42 GMT

I was wondering if this is possible.
I have already several applications deploued on JServ and i wouldn't like to
redeploy them on Tomcat at this time BUT i would like to use Tomcat for my
new project.
Another reason is that URLRewriting with cookies disabled does not seem to
work on Tomcat at this time (I hope it will be fixed soon...) and i need
session tracking in my existing applications.

It seems to me that it might be possible to have both on the same machine
listening to a different "ajp" port.
The Apache Side module (.dll or .so) seems to be the same for Tomcat3.1 and
JServ1.1. At least on Windows it's the same file ApacheModuleJServ.dll
(64KB). So what if i use the existing "jserv.conf " file which i use for
JServ and just add some "zones" for Tomcat but to a different connector port
for example :
ApJServMount /tomcatApp1 ajpv12://

whereas i also have ApJServDefaultPort 8007 for my JServ "zones"

It's like having 2 Tomcat JVMs on the same machine like it is described in
the Tomcat User's Guide but the one JVM is JServ instead of Tomcat/

Has anybody tried that ? ?
What about the jserv.conf confoguration parameters that are not supported by
Tomcat but will still have to exist in the single  .conf file  ? ?

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