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From "Guido Medina" <>
Subject Virtual Hosts Questions...
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 16:42:39 GMT
 OK, as you know in the file /etc/httpd.conf you can put your virtual hosts for one IP number:
BindAdress *
NameVirtual Host
<Vistual Host example.your.domain>
    ServerAdmin you@your.domain
    ServerName example.your.domain
    DocumentRoot /somesite/sub
</Virtual Host>
OK, my questions are:
1) Is posible to implement virtual host for jsp sites like this ???
2)If is not posible which is the configuration file to do this in tomcat ???
3)Is posible to work with jsp outside of the tomcat subdirectory ej:/home/httpd/somesite ???

Because really my tomcat is working fine but I have some problems with relative hyperlinks
and when I put some jsp file outside of webapps/..., the server try to get this file inside
of this directory but this is not what I want...

Any help ???, thanks a lot...

Lic. Guido Medina :-)

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