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From "Colin Evans" <>
Subject Servlet WAR file and path names
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 21:19:49 GMT

Hi, I'm currently writing a servlet application that loads several .XSL XSLT
files for processing XML data, and I would like to bundle these .XSL files
in a WAR archive so that the application can be deployed in one peice.
However, I cannot figure out how to find or generate a file path to
reference these files relative to the location of the WAR distributable.  I
always end up entering the file locations by hand for each deployment, or
entering them as parameters in the web.xml application config file.

Does Tomcat have a way to give names to non-JSP and servlet resources, or to
report the path location of a servlet's web application location?
Otherwise, it makes including additional support files very difficult.  Any
help or suggestions would be appreciated!

-Colin EVans

Colin Evans
Bitmo Corp.
Breaking the Browser Barrier!

261 Jersey St.
San Francisco, CA 94114
415-641-7568 tel

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