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From "Carl Parrish" <>
Subject Newbie Help
Date Sat, 29 Apr 2000 00:47:23 GMT
Okay I'm trying to get Tomcat to run as an In-process servlet container with
IIS 4.0. I'm running on an WinNT 4.0 box with SP5. I loaded
isapi_redirect.dll and registered it using regedit. Then in IIS I created a
virtual directory called jakarta which has executable rights and which
points to the Directory I have the DLL in. Now here is where I'm having
problems I've created a ISAPI filter and set the executable to be
isapi_redirect.dll. Then I stoped the server and started it back up but I
only get a red pointing down arrow, which tell me that my ISAPI isn't
loaded. Any one have any idea's what I should do next?

Thanks in advanced for you time.

Carl Parrish

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