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From "Tom Spencer" <>
Subject Re: The Big Void
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 00:32:42 GMT
I see your point.  I would just be worried that if I made changes to the
shared class, I might wind up with different versions in different places.
It would be better to have everything sharing the same file than to have
copies of the same file in differenent places for different things.

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From: Viehl Clemens <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, April 03, 2000 5:16 AM
Subject: RE: The Big Void

> > There is this no mans land between your root directory and the WEB-INF
> > directory that you can't seem to cross.
> > I see the reason for this but I have a question:
> >
> > What is the best way to share files across these areas?  For example,
> > suppose I have an applet in my root directory and a servlet in my
> > WEB-INF/classes directory that both need a class file?  Where
> > should I put
> > this class file so they both have access to it?  Do I need it in both
> > places?  This seems to be the only solution since everything
> > else I've tried
> > winds up with one of my resources (the applet or the servlet)
> > not being able
> > to locate the needed class file.
> Hi,
> i have the same problem. But i don't think of it as a big problem, when
> need to put your classes in different directorys. Applets and Servlets are
> two different things, so why shouldn't they have own jars with their own
> location. To me, it's an advantage. I can change some things in the
> so why should this force a change in the Servlet jar's?
> Perhaps you can workaround this if it bothers you to much by messing
> with your applet-codebase and archive parameters.
> Good luck!
> Regards
> Clemens Viehl
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