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From "Ricardo L. A. Bánffy" <>
Subject RE: Should there be a defined sequence in the processing of jsp
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 17:50:09 GMT
If Tomcat (or GNUJSP) behave like ASP, the requests from the same session
are serialized - the first one completes execution before the other begins
executing. This happens because of the session object. I believe this
behaviour is too restrictive in that execution should only be blocked when
you try to modify the session object (any object with a session scope).

If, however, you use a session="false" in a <%@ page directive, there is no
reason why execution should happen in that particular session.

Does anyone know what really happens?

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From: Ralph Einfeldt []
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2000 1:23 PM
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Subject: Should there be a defined sequence in the processing of jsp

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I have 2 JSP as follows:

(Don't care to much that this example
is useless, I have stripped my real
pages down to this skeleton)


	some HTML
	<% session.putValue("aValue", "HamstiBamsti"); %>
	some HTML
	<% pageContext.include("page2.jsp"); %>
	some HTML
	<%= session.getValue("aValue") %>
	some HTML

	<%= session.putValue("aValue", "NannoNanno") %>

Do I have any garanties that <%= session.getValue("aValue") %>
will (or should) return "NannoNanno" when one request is made?
(With two requests in the same session there is good chance to
get "HamstiBamsti")

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