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Subject Re: Sharing mod_ssl (or other Apache) environment variables with Jakarta?
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2000 07:52:46 GMT

Mark (plus anyone else who's interested)...

Here are a few more URLs on the topic of sharing environment variables
between Apache and Tomcat...

Basically, my understanding is this... presently, the Apache connector does
not export the entire environment to Tomcat, although this is mostly due to
the fact that the JServ Apache connector doesn't do it (ostensibly for
performance reasons).

The latter URL describes some changes that can be made to jserv_ajpv12.c
and (I'd appreciate a fully-qualified name for that
latter class, but I can find it) to export individual environment

The former URL discusses how the (or
file contains the wrapper.env.copy and wrapper.env.copyall properties, that
allow either individual environment variables names to be nominated for
transferring to the servlet engine, or the whole cabana.  I'd note that the
tomcat.conf and tomcat-apache.conf variables that come with the
distribution do not include a value for ApJServProperties.  At any rate, I
think this strategy only works for the JServ style, in-process servlet
engine (not out of process servlet-engines like Tomcat), because setting up
an ApJServProperties in my

Ideally, the Apache connector needs to have a command like
'ApJServCopyEnvVar' added, which lets the user specify a series of
environment variables that they would like copied to Tomcat for each
request.  Then, I could specify the Apache environment variables that I'd
like to copy.  On the Java side, these would probably best appear as
attributes of the request, or maybe headers.  Or maybe a Properties object
added to the request.

I don't know how this works for IIS or NES..

Maybe I should get cracking and start work on a patch right away!

Would any Tomcat developers like to say something?

James W.


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