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From "Steve Barrett" <>
Subject RE: Session and Context Questions
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2000 08:24:11 GMT
Try going to...

and follow the link for the source code, chapters 4 and 5 have the sort of
thing you are after to hold session and state information.

It relies on the browser supplying a session id, this is done as a matter of
course with IE5 provided session cookies are enabled or alternatively you
can write your own cookies or use URL rewriting to pass the id between


-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Bruce []
Sent: 28 March 2000 00:46
Subject: Session and Context Questions

Can session data be shared between contexts?

Maybe I am not thinking outside of the box, but I would like to have a
login area for my entire site.  I would then like to have various
"applications" that might utilize the user information from the login.
Some of these applications might be a messageboard, members only
download area, member account maintainence, member webbased email, etc.
 Each of these "applications" would have it's own subdirectory (e.g. with a mixture of servlet(s), images, html
files, and .jsp files.  Am I right in thinking that each of these
applications would be a separate context?  If so, how do I share say a
session userinfo object across each of the contexts?  Also since each
of these application would have there own subdirectory with the its own
index.html file, how would this properly be mounted in the tomcat.conf

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Chris Bruce

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