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From "John Holmes" <jshol...@MIT.EDU>
Subject internal server error
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2000 22:25:33 GMT
hello. i've just installed tomcat 3.1 beta binaries from the site and tomcat works fine if i use
http://localhost:8080/examples/ but when i try http://localhast/examples/ i
get an internal server error instead of getting the same thing. here is the
output of the error from my /var/log/httpd/mod_jserv.log file:

[21/03/2000 17:22:59:102] (EMERGENCY) ajp12[1]: cannot scan servlet headers
[21/03/2000 17:22:59:102] (ERROR) an error returned handling request via
protocol "ajpv12"

what am i doing wrong?


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