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From "stefan haack" <>
Subject AW: tomcat 3.1beta caching JSP pages?
Date Tue, 21 Mar 2000 20:21:02 GMT
The same behavior I have with Tomcat version 3.0, after 10 changes in the
JSP Page, Tomcat sends an old version to the client.

I located the problem in the tomcat/work directory, after
every change the generated ".java" servlet gets a version number at its
end (sample: "") after each rebuild the version number
increments, but stops at 9, and at this time an old version is sent to the

Is it possible to stop this versioning of
generated java code and overwrite the same file?
Is this a Configuration problem, please help.


> I am running tomcat 3.1beta, and an experiencing unusual behavior with
> JSP's.  When I create a JSP, and load it through a browser, I can see
> the page.  If I make half a dozen changes to the JSP page (like change
> text, or words), and hit reload in the browser, the server correctly
> determines that the JSP is new, and reloads the changed JSP file.
> However, after about a dozen or so changes to the page, the behavior of
> JSP reloading changes.  It appears that the server starts to cache the
> JSP pages, and I start to see previous versions of the JSP page being
> displayed.  It appears that it is not just the previous version of the
> JSP file, but at least 2 or 3 prevoiously changed JSP files.  Is this
> the correct behavior?  Did I not set a parameter correctly for the
> server?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Bryan

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