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From "Amrhein, Thomas" <>
Subject good and bad news (AW: sendRedirect() through Apache does fail)
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:21:20 GMT
Good and bad news:

the good news where my fault.
In my apache's httpd.conf was a wrong ServerName.
sendRedirect tries to connect to the server, which is written there.
I forgot to overwrite the default value.

Now, nearly everything is right :-))))

the bad news:

I think, that the behavour of sendRedirect() is not correct:

I call
relative to the apache server where "admin" is my servlet context in tomcat.

Same way, I can call
<jsp:forward page="/login/login.jsp" />

But here, no servlet context is needed in the URL.
Isn't jsp:forward the same as sendRedirect? 
Why do they expect different URLs?
Is it a bug?

What do you say?


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Von: Peter Storch
Gesendet am: Dienstag, 28. März 2000 11:17
Betreff: Antwort: AW: sendRedirect() through Apache does fail

Where is your jsp Page located?
If I place a jsp Page in the Apache htdocs directory it is not found.
But if I place the Page in tomcat/webapps/ROOT it is found and
works just fine.

"Amrhein, Thomas" <> am 28.03.2000 09:34:45

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Thema: AW: sendRedirect() through Apache does fail

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