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From "Ruslan V. Makarov" <>
Subject servlets problem in apache
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2000 18:40:05 GMT
Hello tomcat-user,

I have a problem (usual start for such kind of messages, yeas ? :)))
Probably my configuration wrong but i can not find where.

I have Tomcat3.1beta, Apache/Linux

I try to call some servlet - let it be for example standard
it can't find it - "The requested URL
/examples/servlet/HelloWorldExample was not found on this server."

in my server.xml i pointed to tomcat to start it's own http-server on
8080 port also so we can call the same servlet on tomcat's engine:

It works!!!!

The same happens with any servlet
e.g. and

So, from my understanding, web.xml and server.xml are ok. The problem
is in the apache and mod_jserv

This is my include in apache's httpd.conf:

LoadModule jserv_module libexec/

<IfModule mod_jserv.c>
ApJServManual on
ApJServDefaultProtocol ajpv12
ApJServMountCopy on
ApJServLogLevel notice

ApJServDefaultPort 8007

AddType test/jsp .jsp
AddHandler jserv-servlet .jsp


So it assumes default parameters for the docs root directory

I tried to add
ApJServMount /servlet /ROOT
but it does not help.

Help me, please, people.

Best regards,

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