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From Bob Byron <>
Subject RE: Jakarta binaries
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 15:18:42 GMT
Notice the 0k (zero K) in the directory listing below.

So, does anyone know where any binaries can be found?  You know I can accept 
this stuff being down for a couple of days, but now that the weekend is over, 
I expected these files to be back up.  We are approching a week of this being 

In this day of so many free services on the interenet and the tons of free 
diskspace that is available on the net, how about putting the latest "Release" 
level version on one of them and a link from the binaries page to there.

Of course there is nothing on the binaries page telling us when they will be 
up, we are just supposed to flame Pier.

Can someone on the Jakarta team tell us why the release version is nowhere to 
be found?

Index of /builds/tomcat/nightly
 Name                    Last modified       Size  Description
 Parent Directory        23-Mar-2000 07:27      -        25-Mar-2000 00:20     0k        26-Mar-2000 00:20     0k        27-Mar-2000 00:20     0k
 ant.tar.Z               27-Mar-2000 06:20     1k                 26-Mar-2000 09:24     0k     25-Mar-2000 00:20     0k     26-Mar-2000 00:20     0k     27-Mar-2000 00:20     0k
 tomcat.tar.Z            27-Mar-2000 06:20     1k              26-Mar-2000 09:20     0k

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