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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject Moving Towards Tomcat 3.1 Final
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2000 17:56:27 GMT
As we move towards a final release of Tomcat 3.1 (the current target
date for code freeze, as described in the RELEASE-PLAN document, is
April 2), developers working on Tomcat are vigorously working on
cleaning up the remaining bugs.  The yardstick we are using to know what
the bugs are is the Bugzilla system that is installed on the Jakarta web
site <>.  You can help us out by keeping
the following principles in mind:

* If you think you've discovered a bug, please review the current list
  of bugs to see if yours has already been found by someone else.

* If this is a new bug, please record it in Bugzilla.  Bugs that are
  described only in mailing list messages will likely get missed in
  the heat of the bug-swatting battle.

* Proposed patches (included in the bug report or as a separate
  attachment) are deeply appreciated, because they speed up the
  fixing process.  (Besides, you get your name recorded for posterity
  as a contributor! :-).

* Many bugs have been fixed since the 3.1 beta release was created.
  If you want to help find the remaining ones, you can grab the most
  recent nightly code drop and/or check out the code from anonymous
  CVS and build Tomcat yourself.

Thanks for all the sharp eyes looking for problems (and contributing
fixes) on the 3.1 beta release!

Craig McClanahan

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