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From John Coonrod>
Subject RE: getRemoteUser() in servlet
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 17:34:39 GMT
You were able to get the tomcat webserver to prompt for a login? Which 
version?  I've been wanting to find out how to do that.  Was there any 
setting you changed other than just issuing the request?

On my copy of 3.1m under nt4.0, I get a value for getRemoteUser() when I 
access it via the lan (with no prompting for login), but not when I dial in 
through an ISP.

===== Original Message from at 3/22/00 11:51 
>I'm developing a Java servlet that uses the "getRemoteUser()" method to
>return the name of the user that has authenticated to the web server.
>I use Netscape Directory Server's LDAP directory, and have defined users and
>a group that the users are in.
>If the user references the servlet directly, the prompting for user
>authentication occurs. Everything looks like it should work, except the
>getRemoteUser() and getAuthType() methods returns null.
>Servlet/Java config:
>- Apache Web Server with Tomcat 3.0 handling servlet requests.
>What am I doing wrong? I want to use the web server authentication.
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