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From Bryan Murphy <>
Subject Re: JSP with databases : is there a cost to use EJB ?
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2000 14:09:19 GMT
An EJB server will (eventually) give you behind the scenes
load balancing and scaling that you won't get with regular
beans (at least not without explicity doing it yourself with
something ala CORBA).

EJB also supports intrinsic transactions, allowing you to
roll back data if something fails along the way (i.e. if
you have a EJB that creates a user account, and an EJB that
inserts the users address info, and one of the beans fail,
the transaction is aborted and neither of the beans data
is written to the database).  Once again, you can do that
with regular beans and a lot of hard work, but EJB hides
most of the hard work from you.

--- Guillaume Rousse <> wrote:
> Hi.
> When using JSP to access database, the better design is to use beans
> for
> modeling entitites to be stored/retrieved from the base. Is there an
> advantage
> in this case to use normal beans in this case instead of EJB (other
> than the
> need to have a running EJB server, of course) ?
> Cheers
>  -- 
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