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From "Jean-Noël WALLEZ" <>
Subject Re: TOMCAT + APACHE + ORACLE 8.1.5
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2000 10:02:43 GMT
Thanks for reply Gal,

My classpath seems complete.

I think my problem is about installing JSP Engine. Here is Oracle doc but I
don't know how to do with TOMCAT. The doc was about JServ and I do not see
ApJServAction .jsp /servlets/oracle.jsp.JspServlet
in TOMCAT.conf?
How can I do?


Oracle doc:
Installing the Oracle JSP Engine
The Oracle JSP engine is a JAR file (ojsp.jar) containing both the Java
class files and the source for the implementation. The file ojsp.jar is
located in the directory <JDeveloper>\lib where <JDeveloper> is the path of
the directory in which JDeveloper is installed. The name of the JSP engine
class is JspServlet.
To install the Oracle JSP engine:
Copy the JSP engine file ojsp.jar into the root Apache servlet zone you want
to run your generated JSP pages from. See for information about servlet zones.
Edit the Apache configuration file mod_jserv.conf to mount the root Apache
servlet zone you want to run your generated JSP pages from. Find the command
ApJServMount in httpd.conf and read the commented documentation. Change the
ApJServMount line to something like the following example:
ApJServMount /servlets /root
Edit the Apache configuration file mod_jserv.conf to map files with the
extension .jsp to be handled by the servlet class JspServlet. Find the
command ApJServaction in httpd.conf and read the commented documentation.
Change the ApJServAction line to the following:
ApJServAction .jsp /servlets/oracle.jsp.JspServlet
Edit the Apache JServ properties file to add ojsp.jar and
any other class files or libraries your application requires to the
Run the Apache web server.

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From: Gal Shachor <>
To: <>
Date: vendredi 17 mars 2000 10:07
Subject: Re: TOMCAT + APACHE + ORACLE 8.1.5

>  Jean, assuming that JDevelopper 3.0 generates valid JSP, It seems that
>problem is that the required java jar files are missing from the
>You can either add these jars by modifying tomcat.bat or by copying the
>files into the lib directory of your web application.
>I think that the best way for you to go is to modify tomcat.bat,
>1. these jars are part of JDevelopper and they are not going to change
>any time soon.
>2. (probably) several of your applications will require them.
>Good luck,
> Gal Shachor
>Jean-Noël WALLEZ wrote:
>> I set up TOMCAT 3.1 b, Apache/1.3.11 on NT4.0 SP4 with Oracle 8.1.5.
>> Apache server is running nicely.
>> TOMCAT seems to be ok. All examples JSP from TOMCAT run right.
>> Then I want to deploy a jsp application design with JDevelopper 3.0 and
>> Oracle 8.1.5.
>> My JSP application use DataWebBeans.
>> Here is the error message I got
>> "JSP Error
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> ----
>> Request URI: /stock/vTypePiece_Browse.jsp
>> Exception:
>> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> ----"
>> I think I have to use ojsp.jar in TOMCAT but I don't know where I have to
>> make all configuration changes to be able to run JSP Application with
>> Is-it possible?
>> Can anybody help me?
>> Can you send me configuration files examples?
>> Great THANKS.
>> Jean-Noël WALLEZ.
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