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From "Andrew Cathrow" <>
Subject RE: User Authorization
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2000 13:38:07 GMT
the war file is an archive - like JAR files.
Try opening them with WinZip
Look in the web.xml file  - where you'll find the tags for authentication &

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From: John Coonrod []
Sent: 24 March 2000 13:34
Subject: RE: User Authorization

Thomas - I don't really know it. I found a reference to "web application" in
the servlet api

and it said the information "may be in the .war file"

I did find some .war files, but they are not text files, so I'm mystified
who to interact with them.

===== Original Message from at 3/24/00 3:00
>I want to test user authentication, but I don't know yet what the
>Servlet API Specification exactly says.
>I can define users in conf/tomcat-users.xml.
>How and where are roles defined?
>How are roles assigned to JSPs, servlets or servlet contexts?
>Does anybody know?
>Where can I find the Servlet API Specification?
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>Von: Craig R. McClanahan []
>Gesendet am: Freitag, 24. März 2000 03:54
>Betreff: Re: User Authorization
>John Coonrod wrote:
>> This is another question that a lot of people have asked in the past week
>> and I don't feel has been answered...
>> Does the tomcat webserver support user login and - if so - how exactly do
>> get it to work? I'm willing to live with the simplest possible login, but
>> want the server to require it, not each servlet or jsp.
>Tomcat 3.0 does not support user authentication.
>Tomcat 3.1beta1 (well, at least the most recent nightly builds, but I'm
>sure it was there in the beta) has *experimental* support for user
>authentication.  What you do is set up users in the "conf/tomcat-users.xml"
>file, and then define your security constraints in the web application
>deployment descriptor, as described in the Servlet API Specification.  This
>not been extensively tested, and there's no further docs at this point.
>Experimentation and bug reports are welcome!
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