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From "Andrew Cathrow" <>
Subject RE: servlet confusion...
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2000 19:29:28 GMT
I'm using the Tomcat 3.1 beta at the moment and that appears to support
dynamic reloading of servlets.

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From: Ken Grigg []
Sent: 20 March 2000 17:47
To: ''
Subject: RE: servlet confusion...

I found that the canned web.xml worked fine for my configuration
(Tomcat 3.0, Apache 1.3.9, RH Linux 6.1).  What made the difference
for me was stopping and restarting Tomcat whenever a servlet is
added or changed.

Is this always going to be the case, or will Tomcat eventually be
able to dynamically find new or updated classes?

Thanks...	Ken.

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From: Mike Grady []
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2000 10:41 AM
Subject: Re: servlet confusion...

From: Ron Forrester <>
> Okay, so I took the example from the JServ dist,
> compiled it against the tomcat libs (i.e. servlet.jar), and copied the
> .java and .class files into WEB-INF/classes.
> All other configuration is the same, canned, tomcat-apache defaults:
> My question is, how do I run the IsItWorking servlet?
> I tried various URL's and always got a file not found.

I believe the URL you have to use is <web-app>/servlet/<servlet-name>/.
So if you put your test servlet under the "examples" directory, you
would have to use ".../examples/servlet/IsItWorking/".

> I am currently reading the 2.2 spec to see if there is something
> specific I need to change in the web.xml.

You also need to update the web.xml file under the
examples/WEB-INF directory in order to access this servlet.
Adding code like this should do the trick...



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