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From "Mayol, Pere" <>
Subject problems with xpath and xtags...
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2005 11:21:38 GMT

I retrieve an XML response file from a simple http get io request.

When I try to retrieve information from the xml using xtags+xpath it seems not to work.

The response xml file I parse is:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<enhandedLocationTransaction xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi=""
<neighbourhood />
<street>AUTOP A-16 / AVGDA CANAL OLIMPIC</street>
<road>A-16 (9.9)/B-210 (2.2)/BV-2003 (2.4)/BV-2041 (2.5)/C-245 (5.3)/C-246 (85.4)</road>
<errorMsg />
<locationTime>2005/12/20 - 11/44/48</locationTime>
<area />
<trackingId />

The jsp code is:
<% // set base url %>
<c:set var="urlws">${baseurl}?isLogin=${login}&isPass=${password}&isGroupId=${grup}&isUserId=${usuari}</c:set>
<a href="${urlws}">${urlws}</a></p><hr/>
<% // parse xml response from http get request %>
<xtags:parse url="${urlws}" id="respostaws"/>
<xtags:context select="*" context="${respostaws}">
errorcode1:::<xtags:valueOf select="/enhandedLocationTransaction/text()"/><br/>

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